Influencer Marketing Fail: Little Mix

Picture of Little Mix members
Influencer marketing is the newest and most effective tool that your company can use. However, you must be very careful who you choose since your plan can go wrong in an instant.

In the age of social media marketing, we have seen multiple examples of good, but also bad, influencer marketing. If used correctly, influencer marketing can be very powerful. Seeing a person that you admire and look up to promote a brand can influence people to buy the same in order to be like that person.

However, we have all seen our share of influencer fails, from Kylie Jenner’s Pepsi campaign to influencer promotion for the doomed Fyre Festival.

One fail that I instantly thought of involved Little Mix, a British pop girl group.

Back in 2016, Little Mix was trying to promote their new “Wishmaker” perfume line. As a way to promote this new line, Little Mix decided to post excitement regarding seeing their product on the side of a taxi cab.

However, similarly to the Scott Disick caption mix up, Little Mix forgot to delete the instructions of how to post.

Image by Digital Spy

By seeing and confirming that Little Mix actually did not write the caption, it makes the post seem less genuine and exciting.

Which influencer fail do you think is the worst? Leave a comment below!

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